Day 1: Starting Fresh With Fresh Eyes on a Fresh New Day, Developing Deno Fresh....

by Andrew Weisbeck

rugged mountain peak

Yes I'm Starting The Blog Over Again - Day 1

I know this has to be annoying but it's day one again. Today is for real though - I feel like I have a fresh start on everything after I got offered a position at AISIN and I accepted it! Yippeee Yi Yay!!!! Yoooo HOOOOOOOO!!!

Uhhhhh it's been a whole year since I've had a real job - yeah. Let's just say... i thought I might never get hired anywhere again. Ever. Until I got a call yesterday and was offered this job. I said "HEEEEAAAAAAAYYYYYYYEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'LL TAKE IT!"

It is so depressing to not have a job for a whole year. You just sit here and code. And code. Then code some more. Nobody wants you to work for them. Everybody else hates you. Just because you can't get a job. It sucks! Always hire somebody who just looks like they need to be hired. I don't care if they just came off the street out of the homeless shelter - if they wanna work let them do it for God's sake. Ok, now I gotta get back on track quickly.

A lot going on - like usual. And new plan for the blog

So I likely will use this more as a "what I learned today or the day before kind of blog" or a "prep for my day" blog - but there is one more thing I want to start introducing. It is the reverse time day. What is that you might ask? Come closer scooter and let me tell you a little tale about GitHub stories.....

Once upon a time, something happened in GItHub and I have no idea what that was. But GitHub created a thing called GitHub Stories where you can actually go back in time and visit what you were doing on a certain day in any repository. It's pretty crazy dude.

Well my ADHD has fully kicked in and I have about 10-15 GitHub tabs open so I need to go. I will come back later to finish the afternoon part of this.